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My Kung Fu Panda (2008) Review
Now that I've recovered from all of that rage and fury, let's talk about Kung Fu Panda! Almost a decade has past since this movie was released in theaters, and kids and adults loved it then and they still love it to this day. Especially since it's one of the few Dreamworks movies that have spawned two sequels. The other one being 2010's How to Train Your Dragons with a sequel in 2014. Since I've finished watching the movie on DVD, it's time for me, KGonzo4-13 to give Kung Fu Panda a review!
Kung Fu Panda is a American 2008 computer-animated action comedy martial arts film directed by John Stevenson, who's been working in the animation industry for over 30 years starting with Jim Henson's The Muppets and Mark Obsborne, who's been involved on working on Spongebob Squarepants since the beginning of the show's run. It was produced by Melissa Cobbs, the screenplay was written by Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, who both wrote for the second Spongebob movie in 2015, and
:iconkgonzo4-13:KGonzo4-13 1 0
Motivation 27 by redhavic Motivation 27 :iconredhavic:redhavic 13 41 [commission] Necron by Travis-Anderson [commission] Necron :icontravis-anderson:Travis-Anderson 139 8
Ultron Sigma obliterates all life in battle!

Real Name: Ultron Sigma
Aliases: Ultron, Sigma, Ultron Omega
Debut: Mega Man X (1993, as Sigma); The Avengers #54 (1968, as Ultron); Marvel VS Capcom Infinite (2017, as Ultron Sigma/Ultron Omega)
Height: As Ultron Sigma, likely around the Hulk's size (Around 7-8 feet tall); As Ultron Omega, likely twice that size (Around 14-16 feet tall)
Weight: Likely around Ultron's weight (735 lbs); As Ultron Omega, likely much heavier.
Age: Unknown
-Responsible for the merging of the Marvel and Capcom worlds.
  -Said fusion was not limited to their Earths, as the Dark Dimension, Makai Realm, and Asgard were a part of the fusion.
-Repeatedly overpowered the main cast to the point of being capable of possessing Thor with the Sigma Virus.
-Ultron alone allowed Thanos to enter the Capcom universe by destroying the barr
:iconzacmariozero:Zacmariozero 45 16
Pokemon Colosseum Ch. 30 PREVIEW
Pokémon Colosseum
Ch.  30
Wes, Rui and Eagun stood around Hariyama, examining it carefully.  The fighting type had taken a seat on the ground to rest after the battle.
"Hmm..."  Eagun strokes his beard in thought.  "There can be no doubt.  Whichever way I look at it, this is just a regular Pokémon."  He concluded.
Rui squinted at Hariyama from multiple angles and distances.  "There's no trace of that aura at all!  And it's not acting the least bit hostile!"
Hariyama shuffled awkwardly under their combined scrutiny.  "Yama?"
"Huh?  Oh, I'm sorry!  This must be so confusing!"  Rui patted Hariyama's head (which she could only reach because it was sitting down) in a supportive gesture.  "You did great today!"  
"Hari!"  Hariyama blushed at the praise.
"Please stop coddling my Pokémon."  Wes finally spoke.  "Again."  Rui just Wink/Razz'd at him and s
:iconleoryff:leoryff 3 1
Wulfens by TheMaestroNoob Wulfens :iconthemaestronoob:TheMaestroNoob 225 9
I present
And... well, I won't say it's "done" because it's not, as websites never are, but my own personal website is now functional. A few days ago, I bought a account and I've been spending those days setting up this personal website. And even though it's slightly expensive, it just makes me wonder "why the hell haven't I done this before?"
First of all, I've been able to upload every single one of my previous reviews, except for Stuck in the Wringer, which I need to remake. I will be foreword and say that I've given some of my videos some minor edits. For example, in the Life of Brian review there was an audio glitch (the show played but it was silent), and I fixed that. I've also been fixing double-takes where I say the same thing twice. And of course, I have been editing out insults and shit like that because I don't want them in my videos anymore. I'm not trying to hide the fact, as it's something that I outright state i
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 64 61
Season Finale Death Battle: Meruem vs Mewtwo

Vocal: Alright, the fighters are set and the results are in!
HD: So please, buckle up for the Season One Death Battle Finale!
           Mt. Quena...
The day was peaceful. The sun hung in the sky with the water gently pushing up onto the shores. Within the forests lived numerous bug type Pokémon, Kakuna and Metapod hanging silently from the trees as Scyther and Beedrill flew past. The skies were filled with calm and happy Pokémon, too. Pidgey, Pidgeot and even Fearow gracefully maneuvered through the skies.
But, seemingly a blemish on the mountain's side were scars from a battle that has long since passed. Not far from them, a waterfall, and just behind that, was the gateway to an underground shelter. This shelter was hidden from the world, and within it was an abundance of life. Trees and flowers stood tall and alive, and m
:icongimmyjibbsjr:GimmyJibbsJr 20 15
Lucifer pre-fall by GENZOMAN Lucifer pre-fall :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 1,605 117 The Joker by SleepySketcher The Joker :iconsleepysketcher:SleepySketcher 329 35 Persona 5 - Joker by YogurtDollArt Persona 5 - Joker :iconyogurtdollart:YogurtDollArt 154 16 Persona 5 - Joker by v0idless Persona 5 - Joker :iconv0idless:v0idless 390 15 Persona 5 - Akira Kurusu by LeorenArt Persona 5 - Akira Kurusu :iconleorenart:LeorenArt 247 4 Armada Starscream by arok318 Armada Starscream :iconarok318:arok318 1,140 150 armada starscream by Tanja-A armada starscream :icontanja-a:Tanja-A 745 150
My Week At The Movies 2017: 11/9 - 17/9
Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've posted any deviations, and truth be told that's only party laziness for once. Some might recall me mentioning that I have a cinema card where by paying a monthly figure I can see as many films as I want in a month for free. It's a sweet deal since the cost is only about the price of two film tickets, and considering how I'm seeing around 12 films a month it's a bit of a goddamn steal.
As such I am going to the movies around 3 - 5 times a week. Often for new films, and sometimes to second viewings of other films. It's pretty great, but it does give me less time at home, and coupled with how much I spend on video games nowadays my input lately has been especially slow.
This week however an idea came to me. What if at the end of the week I do a roundup of every film I've seen and give it a quick review? Doesn't that sound fun? I hope it does, or else you might as well leave now I suppose.
Here are some of the rules I have in place at the moment,
:iconnukid101:Nukid101 7 20



...................... FUCK THIS PLANET!

............... JESUS CHRIST, when did STARSCREAM of all people become this hardcore?!
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